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Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

There are so many details involved in planning a restaurant, but we are doing it all! Meeting after meeting, details gone over and over, all to make sure everything is done just right. The floor plans are almost out of engineering and will be in the hands of the city next. In the meantime we are working closely with the fine people at Burdette's to create our new tables, chairs, benches and cabinets. They will also refurbish some of the original Matta's wood pieces that we will be using. Brought home a sample chair awesome!

There have been many people asking about when they can buy hot sauce and salsa online...not ready yet, we are working with a bottling company and I am still working on the new website.

We are also working on a fun new Matta's t-shirt that should turn a few heads.

Here's a picture of Peter, Jeremy (Allen Co.) and Gary (Burdette Cabinets) at a recent meeting. (sorry for the poor quality photo, I took it with my phone)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little info

Hi everyone! Sorry we have not posted any information lately, but things were moving like a snail for a while and there was really no news to tell.

Before I continue, let my introduce ourselves. We are Peter and Gretchen Matta. MaryLou and Manuel Matta (founders of Matta's Restaurant) are Peter's grandparents. If any of you know Peter then you know he was running the Main street location for many years, but mostly loved working in the kitchen. So if you don't recognize his face when we open it's because he was either in the office being the mastermind or in the kitchen cooking your dinner.

Now on to business. We have a great design for the new restaurant and think everyone will be very pleased! Our architect, Ted, has worked hard to put our ideas on paper. Not to mention some of his own great ideas!(thanks also to Jeremy!) If anyone out there is thinking of building a home or business I highly recommend Allen Homes for architecture and construction.

Our new Matta's will be 5000 square feet, including the kitchen. We will be using some of the old fixtures from the original Matta's. Our wishes are to keep the same Spanish /Mediterranean atmosphere. We will be a full service restaurant with a Cantina, an outside patio and a separate take out area. Things are running full steam ahead now!