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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Large groups

We have had many inquire about Matta's accepting large groups, so we thought you should know: Our new Matta's Restaurant is half the size of the old Matta's on Main Street and we do not have a banquet room. We are still bringing in and arranging the new tables, so we can not give party sizes yet. We will let you know as soon as we can.
Thanks everyone for your excitement and wonderful stories that you send us!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's another sign

YEA!! We have 2 more signs, our curb side pick up & our sign just above the pick up entrance are going up today. There has been lots going on in the kitchen, cleaning all the equipment from the old Matta's that's been in storage, unpacking & putting together new equipment, putting together many shelves and much much more! As I am writing this our bar top is being installed also. Let's not forget about the bathrooms, counter tops & sinks are in and we have doors on the bathrooms now too. Many other details are being addressed by so many great guys that are on the job making sure everything is just right.

I know many of you are waiting patiently and are leaving us some wonderful comments on here and on facebook. We thank you so much for the stories and emails received as well, it's so nice to share in the excitement of our new Matta's.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a sign!

Well there it is...finally, a sign! The first one on the front of the building went up today. Can't open without a sign, huh? We still have a few to go. Hopefully they will be up soon.

Wonder what's going on inside? Well the beautiful cabinetry is being installed behind the bar and at the server stations by Burdette Cabinets. The patio wall has stucco now & will be painted soon, the roof tiles are there and ready to get put into place and the outside will soon be painted. We just got our flooring put down in our office so we can soon start putting it together. Okay it's still a detail...we have some toilets too!

I'm still working on restoring decorative things, it's been very time consuming, but I like it. Heck, I will probably still be working on some of it after we open, so don't be surprised if some of our walls are bare. It will all go up sometime, the most important thing is getting open so we can all eat!

I heard a rumor last week, someone told one of our servers at the place she is currently working, that the reason for the hold up of our restaurant opening is that the divorce has to finalize first. They claimed to 'know' someone in the family (Ha!). Well let me be the first to say that any kind of rumor like that is a total LIE. This is the ONLY place...well and Matta's on twitter & facebook or speak to Peter & myself in person, that you will hear about what is happening with Matta's Grill & Cantina. I have to say, Peter and I thought it was a little funny that someone would make that up, although it's not so nice for our children to hear. So whoever makes this stuff up, stop.
Ending on a good note, we are sooo excited that we will open soon. I will keep you all posted here as to when things will stay tuned!