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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Groundbreaking Video

A big thank you to all of our friends for joining us at the much awaited groundbreaking ceremony of Matta’s Grill & Cantina!

Below is a list of family, employees, friends and customers that celebrated with us. Some customers had been eating at Matta's 50 years, some 30 years, some their whole lives and some 2 years! Employees that were there ranged from 27 to 5 years working at Matta's...and we truly care about and appreciate all of them!

Our thanks to: MaryLou Matta-Garza, David & Carlotta Matta, Stan Sanchez, Marty Derito, Mayor Scott Smith, Kyle Jones, Bill Jabjiniak, Sylvia & Harry Saffell, Jeremy, Ted, HC, Jeff, Andrew, Dominic, Joseph, Sandy, Chris, Kim, Shelby, Elliot, Todd, Emma, Sean, Steve, Beth, Joe, Amy, Miranda, Jennifer, Michael, Thom, Johnny, Helen, Milena, Carol, Reuben & Ofelia Lopez & Family, Monique, Marin, Raquel & Quirino, Sandra, Josie, Michelle, Linda, Debbie & Mike, Vicki, Sally Harrison, Leigh White, Frank & Marge Tau, Helen & Lee Degroff, Gloria & Don Traicoff, Edward & Larry Schwab, Doreane and Geiselhart, Rita Faulstick, Irma and Les Wagoner Sr.,Tonya Collins, Judd Borrmann, Allen,Connie & Darin Chisholm, JoAnn and Les Wagner Jr., Patsy Johnson, Cynthia Brummett, Jan and Jonathan Johnson, Kathy McDonald, Gary Gaines, Jessica Wilson, Sue & Alex Brown, Heather Gearns, Patsy Johnson, Ruth & Guy Buckley, Ken & Kathy White, Stephanie Wright, TJ, Jean & Bob Szeman and our Mariachis: Mario & Heriberto.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Matta's on channel 5 news

Wanted to share the news clip from channel 5 KPHO of Matta's Groundbreaking.

We have lots of people to thank for supporting us and I will do that as soon as I get the photos sorted through so you can see what a great time it was!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Matta's Article

We are so excited about our groundbreaking ceremony this tuesday, October 13th at 9am, that we decided to give the first 100 people that show up something special to remember the occasion. Our supply is limited, so when we run out then we're out. So show up at Mesa Riverview at 9am! If you're not sure where we are, we are on the corner across from Toby Keith's place.

Also, I wanted to give everyone the link to an article about the new Matta's on the City of Mesa Website.
Click here to read it