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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just wanted everyone to know that I published our NEW Matta's website today. Go take a look around, there's lots to history, history of Matta's food, menus, customer stories on why they love Matta's and see old photos too!
I will still be working on the website adding info & photos so you will see some changes. Keep checking back. If you come across a link that does not work, please let me know by emailing this blog.
Hope you all enjoy & have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi everyone! There's a lot of construction debris flying around at Matta's Grill & Cantina. Here are the photos to prove it!

This is the north side of the dining room with windows at every booth. The arches will be covered in smooth plaster.

This is a view of our curb side pick-up area. It has it's own entrance on the south side of the building, so there's no more going up to the front of the restaurant to pick up your order. When we are up and running, the phone# for take out is: (480)964-TOGO
(Write that down!)

This is a view from our kitchen. To the left is a stack of walls that make up the huge fridge with a freezer inside. To the right is where the servers pick up your orders. Beyond that is the stairway to go up to our office.

All those wall pieces stacked up...well they're all put together now.

You think a 10 foot high refrigerator is big enough?

This is our waiting area. We had our carved wood benches and chairs restored that will once again be used in the Matta's waiting area.
There will be one beautiful ceiling in this area, so be sure to look up!

This is part of the dining room. Styrofoam and chicken wire wrapping the arches and some of the walls to prepare for plaster.

This is the other side of the dining room. To the right, the booths will be covered with a tiled roof and wood corbels. Straight ahead under where the Mariachi's will be a beautiful carved wall fountain.

And finally the smooth plaster that will resemble the old Matta's on Main Street. The guys are doing a superb job! The man in the photo working on the plaster said he had grown up eating at Matta's and can't wait till we open.

We hope you all enjoy the pictures!